About us

Since 1995, Köşebaşı has passionately served time-preserved dishes that are true to Turkey and its thousand-year-old traditions.

It’s almost like we’ve taken the most tantalizing bits of Turkey, sailed them across the Bosphorus and transported them to the Middle East. Step in and you’ll know why.

Out here, you’ll enjoy a menu filled with delightful things like freshly baked artisanal bread and kebabs that everyone in the family can enjoy. We also bring a trolley filled with tantalizing mezze choices to your table. From the wonderful wafting aromas of breakfast to the eye-pleasing appetizers and the comforting dinners, Köşebaşı uses traditional hand-made techniques to treat all your five senses from the moment you walk through the door.

But besides our food, it’s the heart-warming hospitality and the attention to little details that make us one of the best Turkish restaurants to enjoy a great meal. A ‘Sharing Booth’ brings family and friends even closer, while the open terraces allow you to tuck in to the view as well.

During every moment of your visit, our management and talented team of chefs and service staff work tirelessly to deliver uncompromising standards and delicious experiences that are guaranteed to leave a good taste in your mouth.

The East Mediterranean décor and colors punctuated with conversations and laughter will complete your Turkish experience.

A kebab haven. A time-capsule of tradition. Köşebaşı has many synonyms. But for most our loyal guests, Köşebaşı is not a restaurant.